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Google Search Operators

 Google Search operators serve as directives that refine and tailor the search results according to specific criteria, proving invaluable for a wide range of research and information-gathering purposes. To explore the full spectrum of available operators, you can initiate a search for "Google Search operators" to access a comprehensive list. For instance, if you wish to narrow down results based on the age of web pages, employ the 'after' directive with a specified date. For example: "zammou" after:2023-12-20 To inspect pages indexed by Google for a particular website, leverage the 'site' operator: Google typically displays pages it deems most relevant, emphasizing their importance. When searching for a specific file type, deploy the 'filetype' operator: "how to install node.js" filetype:pdf To focus your search on a designated website, utilize the 'site' directive: "how big is Paris"